Companionship Visits

Companionship carers can really help brighten your or your family member’s day. We can arrange one of our friendly care assistants to visit at regular times, or whenever they are needed. They will become a recognised, welcome face who gives you or your loved one quality time and can offer an understanding and interesting conversation.​

Whatever the situation, one-on-one time has so many benefits. Maybe you or your friend or relative feels isolated and would love to make new connections but lack the confidence to go to a new friendship or hobby group alone.  You may live a distance from a loved one or family member and would feel comforted knowing they are receiving a regular visit from a trusted source.  A companionship care assistant could help identify local clubs and offer support so that you or your loved one can attend.


Perhaps you or your loved one has health problems and it is difficult to get out and about this can lead to someone feeling socially isolated. Our companionship care assistants can assist you or your family member to overcome the problem by aiding them to out and about as they wish leading to a greater feeling of independence and improving their mental health. Even the smallest social experience can make someone feel more integrated to society helping to avoid loneliness.

A large problem associated with loneliness and isolation is that it leads to people ignoring their own health and well being. Our companionship carers recognise when this is happening and can help avoid it by finding ways to encourage you or your loved one to feel more positive and want to be healthier and more active.  Having a companion to share a cup of tea and chat with every now and then can be enough to lift spirits and stave off loneliness.​​​


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