Overnight Support

Care does not clock on and off.


For many requiring care, the evening and overnight is when support is needed the most.


So, if your care requirements have led you to consider nursing homes or assisted living facilities there may be another avenue and Alcester Home Care can help. 


An overnight carer enables you to remain independent, avoiding the routines and restrictions which can come with a care home.


Having a care worker available through the night, also provides the reassurance you need to get a good night’s sleep.​ Having night care can help with the practical and emotional concerns of being alone when friends and family have left. 


An overnight carer can assist with mobility within the home, such as climbing stairs, changing clothes and getting into bed



 Also many people suffer with anxiety about being left alone, or falling in the night, this can be alleviated by the presence of a night carer.


For those living with progressive conditions such as dementia, then night time care offers on-hand support when it’s needed most.

Type of Overnight Support

Sleeping Night Support


 A carer can stay overnight with you, having a trusted carer in your home until morning could be an option you wish to consider.

Waking Night Support

If you wake often, or need regular assistance with medication and personal care, this comprehensive option is the right choice, giving you consistency in your care throughout the night.

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Why Consider Overnight Care

There are many reasons that you may be considering overnight care including;

Security and peace of mind

Administering medication

Toileting and bathroom assistance

On-hand help throughout the night

How Can We Help ?

We can help develop a care package based on your needs including;

  • Hourly care

  • Overnight care

  • 24 Hour care

  • Respite care


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